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Koenig Huckleberry Vodka

Koenig Distillery macerates hand-picked, wild huckleberries in vodka and then slowly distills them in our custom-made copper stills. The resulting all-natural spirit has a wonderful ripe berry aroma and a slightly sweet flavor that blends extremely well with other spirits, champagne and freshly squeezed fruit to make unusual and elegant cocktails.   One of our favorite ways to enjoy it is mixed with fresh lemonade.

  • Silver Medal, 89 points, “Highly Recommended, The Journal of Beverage Testing Institute


$19.95/750 ml bottle



Koenig Potato Vodka

We carefully craft our super-premium vodka slowly, one batch at a time in hand-hammered copper pot stills made by world-renowned German coppersmiths. Andrew Koenig, our award-winning master distiller, trained in 400 year old facility in the Austrian Alps where the careful methods and traditions of distilling have been perfected for centuries. This knowledge and skill is carefully applied to the unique qualities of potatoes resulting in a vodka of unsurpassed smoothness. The small batches take more time and potatoes are more difficult to distill but the final product has a quality, consistency and elegance not obtained by any other method.

  • Top 50 Spirits 2007/Superb (90-95)/Highly Recommended, Wine Enthusiast Magazine
  • Silver Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2007

buynow$19.95/750 ml bottle